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Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo and High Culture

Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo and High Culture
March 25, 2012 Haley Shandro

Before we get going with today’s post, I wanted to extend an invitation to our readers: if you are enjoying this series please leave a comment below!  Feel free to let us know if there is a topic you’re dying to hear about. Thanks for reading! – Haley

This is a multi-part post, please see all topics below!

{Wedding Organization — How to Remain Organized While Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams}
Author: Rebecca Fisher-Swarbrooke

Now that you’re engaged, you’re likely asking where you should begin. It is likely that you have thoughts constantly fluttering through your mind. What should you do with all of your ideas though? With all of your thoughts and inspiration, you will need a way to remain organized, during the months of planning your wedding. I suggest the following tips and suggestions along with recommendations of what you may wish to invest in.

Edmonton wedding planner organized

1. Invest in a Calendar/Day Planner
Throughout your months of planning, you will have many appointments and tasks to keep track of; you will want to keep everything in one primary place. I know that we are living in a modern world filled with technology, a world where the iPhone calendar has replaced the one that sits on your desk; however, I still find significance in tangible text. My personal favourite planner is the Moleskine Daily Planner; there is adequate space to write in and I particularly enjoy the aesthetics of the book.

2. Invest in a Notebook 
Those who know me know that I often scribble down notes as soon as a thought comes to mind. Brides, keep a notebook in your purse for you never know when you will stumble upon inspiration for your wedding.

3. Invest in a Binder
File everything together in one place; your notes, your contracts, your inspiration.

4. Create a planning timeline
Certain elements of the wedding planning process must be completed by particular dates, so ensure that you have these marked in your calendar/day planner. Even though there are things that can wait to decide upon until closer to the wedding, you can always get a head start; at least begin with the process of thinking about the entire wedding as a whole.

5. Delegate and share responsibilities
Ensure that all of the individuals who are responsible for a particular element of the wedding know exactly what their tasks are and when they should complete these responsibilities. The couple should be equally involved and responsible for the decisions made for the wedding.

{Hiring a Wedding Planner vs DIY}
Author: Rebecca Fisher-Swarbrooke

There can be many benefits to hiring a professional wedding planner; however, I will be the first to admit that a planner is not a necessity, it is a luxury. I dislike using the phrase “budget wedding” because as we have discussed in recent weeks, determining a budget, whether high or low is a requisite in the early stages of planning your wedding.

Edmonton wedding photographer photographers photography planner

So, is hiring a wedding planner right for you? With your prior knowledge of the benefits of hiring a professional coordinator—from your visits to the blog(s) in the last few weeks—I am sure you will have begun to come to a decision. Here, we will discuss a few more things that you should consider before deciding for or against a planner.

Planning the Wedding

If it is not within your budget to hire a full service coordinator, plan a DIY wedding, but reserve a few hourly consultations or a Wedding Month Management service with a professional wedding planner. 

An obvious concern when considering the commissioning of a wedding planner is obviously the cost associated with it. After all, it is roughly an investment of anywhere from 10-20+% of your wedding budget. As I said last week, even if a wedding planner’s full service is not attainable within your budget, it may be advisable to meet with a professional planner for a few hourly consultation services. This is your most cost effective wedding planner option and will provide you with the time to discuss any wedding details that you may be concerned with.

What a Professional Wedding Planner Can Do For YOU
1. Save you time

Did you know that the average bride spends 250+ hours planning her wedding? Who has that kind of time? A wedding planner has done this before, so will be a great asset in ensuring that none of the details are overlooked.
2. Save you money
A wedding planner either has strategic ways of saving you money, receives exclusive industry discounts, or knows of the best businesses to take you to for the best prices — of course, without compromising quality.
3. Alleviate unnecessary stress

Edmonton wedding florist la piazza dasee

Designing the Wedding
Most often when people think of “planner versus DIY,” they would think of the aesthetic quality, not the actual planning. With the recent popularity of wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, we see that there is a fascination with the DIY aesthetic. When we look at these published weddings though, we must understand that these weddings have all been well thought out and strategically planned. The shabby chic DIY look is not by chance, it is well designed. I often say that when you design your wedding with a DIY approach, you can often spend much more, whether in finances or in time, so you must take all implications into consideration. A DIY style wedding designed by a professional designer often looks greatly different than one designed by a typical bride-to-be; it seems that there is something less DIY and more composed.

Next week, we will be completing a further discussion on wedding design and how to find your wedding style.

A collaboration between High Culture & Shandro Photo.


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