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Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo and High Culture

Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo and High Culture
June 20, 2012 Haley Shandro

Edmonton couture wedding dress designer

{Custom Couture Wedding Gowns}

Author: Haley Shandro

This week we have an interview with the fabulous Lani van Rooyen of ROOY Couture, a local couture dress designer, and I asked her a few questions about custom gowns as an option for Edmonton brides. I’ve personally photographed her gorgeous creations, and also had the great fortune of attending her fashion show last year and was blown away by her creativity.

Why should a bride choose a custom gown instead of going to a bridal store or boutique?
Custom gowns are ideal for those brides looking for something different, who perhaps have shopped extensively without any success, or would like something more unique than what is generally available.  Having your gown custom designed creates the opportunity for combining design elements that might not be found together in a gown off the rack, adding personal touches as well as a good fit, as patterns are done individually.  In addition, it is also a much more personalized experience with advice and insights focused on the bride and her gown through the entire process.

What is your price range for gowns?
R O O Y Couture gown prices are calculated based on fabrics chosen and detailing, with most of our gowns ranging being between $2500 and $4000.

Edmonton wedding dress designer ROOY Couture Lani van Rooyen

How do you help brides create their dream gown?
During the initial and design meetings, I spend several hours with each bride discussing various aspects of her wedding plans, location and her ideas for her gown.  We look at a range of fabrics which would be suitable, and by listening to her dreams and needs the gown design slowly begins to take shape.  Working from head to toe, I would give several alternatives with pro’s and con’s to each design element as we work towards the ideal gown, all coming together in a design which is individually hers and suited to her figure, taste and requirements.

I noticed on your website that you offer gown rental, can you tell me a bit more about that?
R O O Y Couture holds a small collection of gowns created for fashion shows and photoshoots which are available for rental.  We also occasionally assist brides who are also interested in having a gown custom designed for rental rather than purchase.

Do you have a favourite material or style?
Style – not at all – I love designing in different styles dependent on the different brides I meet.  Fabric – I’m a very big fan of silks – it is both luxurious and stylish, simply beautiful!

ROOY couture wedding dress designer Edmonton

What are the current trends in bridal style?
Globally we are seeing much in the area of lace, sheer covered shoulders and sleeves, with some soft colors added to the traditional palette, and simpler lines in generally smaller skirts.  Locally these trends will take some time to arrive, although we’re definitely seeing more lace than in previous years.  Strapless gowns are still very popular, as are various styles of gown skirts.

Anything else that you would find helpful for brides?
Let whichever bridal gown you decide on truly represent who you are ~ this will let you shine through, leaving you filled with excitement leading up to and joy on your big day.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Lani!  You can see more of the beautiful dress we featured today here.

A collaboration between High Culture & Shandro Photo.

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