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Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo and High Culture

Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo and High Culture
February 24, 2012 Haley Shandro

Author: Haley Shandro

Earlier this month we spoke with a nutritionist; this week, we’re sharing an interview with personal trainer Chad Williams. This month has been focusing on health and getting in shape for your wedding. Today, we are chatting with Chad Williams of AnthroPhysique, an online health and fitness community designed to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

{Image: Jennifer Williams}

We chatted with Chad about how he can help Edmonton brides.

Is it realistic for brides to reshape their bodies/lose weight before their wedding?
Absolutely. The key is time or how many months they have until their wedding. Many brides don’t think about it or start to make changes until it’s too late. Get ahead of the game and start getting in shape 6-12 months before your wedding for the best/healthiest results.

How much weight is safe to lose?
Average healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week. This will vary per person, but if you want to lose the weight and keep it off, that is the range you’ll usually see. Anything more than that is usually because of crash diets that can be unhealthy and unsustainable.

What is the safest way for a bride to get in shape before a wedding?
The safest way to get in shape is to get guidance and plan ahead. Give yourself enough time to progress into a training regime and allow your body to properly adjust to that training. By hiring a coach or trainer, you utilize their expertise to guide you in the right direction safely. Again, many brides wait too long and then go overboard in the final month. Anything in the extreme is going increase your risk of injury or other issues.

How can you help a bride?
I help brides by being that guidance, having the expertise to give them an effective and safe plan, and most importantly keeping them motivated to stick to their goals over a longer time period. Brides are the most motivated clients I’ve ever work with, but that’s usually because they come to me with only a couple months left before their wedding. I like to help people at least 6 to 12 months before their wedding and help them build strong lifestyle habits that give them the body they want for their wedding day and for their entire marriage afterwards. I want them to live happily and healthier ever after.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of working with a trainer like yourself vs a local gym?
The two biggest advantages for my clients are flexibility and cost. Flexibility in the sense that they don’t have to depend on one gym or one trainer to get their results. I can work with people anywhere they are and even design workouts for them that they can do in their home. Because of this, people aren’t paying per session costs which can get very expensive. The main disadvantage is still cost. I’m still a professional trainer and coach. I’m providing a personal service which makes it more than just the cost of a gym membership. My clients are ready to invest about $100-$200/month into their body and fitness.

Can you describe the services that you offer? Why do people hire a trainer in the first place?
It’s typically for either expertise or motivation. Either you don’t know what is the best thing to be doing for your goals or you don’t have the motivation to do it entirely on your own. This is why most people ‘fall off the wagon’ of typical self-guided fitness programs.

Now imagine that you could be self-motivated to consistently stay active and have the expertise of a personal coach to guide you to your goals. Imagine you could get that without the cost of seeing a trainer one-on-one. That’s what I do. I coach people remotely by giving them expert guidance and motivate them through check-ins and accountability. I can work with people anywhere in the world as long as they have a computer and fitness goals!

Thanks so much Chad! If you are interested in Chad’s services, please visit his website — you can also find AnthroPhysique on Facebook. Visit us in March for the beginning of next month’s installment of Empowering the Modern Bride where we will discuss the first steps to planning your wedding — determining a budget and selecting if you will hire a planner versus doing it yourself.

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