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Galloway Family – Canmore Family Photos

Galloway Family – Canmore Family Photos
July 31, 2015 Haley Shandro

I’ve known this beautiful lady for longer than either of us would probably care to admit…we were huge nerds together back in junior high and through high school and into university. She’s moved to Calgary, is incredibly successful in her career as is her delightful husband, and now has one of the most adorable kids I’ve ever seen. ¬†It brings me so much joy to see someone that I care about leading such a fulfilling life. ¬†When I was down in Canmore they drove out so that I could shoot a quick family session for them, and we had a few minutes to catch up. ¬†Sometimes the best friends you have aren’t the ones that you see or talk to every day, but the ones you can pick right back up with even after months go by. ¬†Q – I’m so glad to have you in my life. ¬†We’ve seen each other through a lot of ups and downs. You and your family have a particularly special place in my heart.

– Haley

canmore baby photographer

canmore family photos

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canmore family photographer

Behind the scenes:

canmore photographer canmore child photographer

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