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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!
July 3, 2017 Haley Shandro

Happy Canada Day! To me, this is Canada! ┬áSome of my favourite things about this country are the mountains, and the adventurous people. A lot of people marked the 150th year of Canada this weekend by enjoying time in the Rocky Mountains! ┬áShweta & Sanjeev were married at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise a few summers ago, and this winter on New Years Day we met up there again to ring in the new year with a photo shoot. ┬áNaturally it was the absolute coldest day possible, down to -29 while we were shooting! ┬áBut, true to the Canadian spirit of perseverance, these two didn’t let it faze them and we spent a lovely afternoon among tourists enjoying the beautiful Lake Louise, checking out the ice sculptures created for the Ice Magic Festival, and sipping hot chocolate in between shots.

How did you celebrate Canada Day? What are your favourite things about this amazing country? I spent the day with my love, enjoying the quiet suburban life, going for a walk in a beautiful natural area in his neighbourhood, cooking together, watching movies, and relaxing. ┬áThis summer we’ll get to take our kids camping and explore the beauty of Alberta! Living in this country affords us the freedom and the space and the opportunity to lead very fulfilling and relatively easy lives and it’s something I’m extremely grateful for. As much as I love traveling and joke that I should move to Hawaii…..I’m always so happy to come back to Canada.

A few random things I love about Canada (in no particular order):

The beauty of the winter (if not the cold!)
Quality and accessible education and healthcare
Maple Syrup
The Rocky Mountains
Multicultural diversity
Our internationally recognized politeness
Clean water
Northern Lights
Our quiet pride
Small towns
Road trips!













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