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Kristin & Dave – A Surprise Wedding at the Art Gallery of Alberta

Kristin & Dave – A Surprise Wedding at the Art Gallery of Alberta
November 21, 2012 Haley Shandro

One of our last weddings of the year was the super sweet semi-elopement of Kristin & Dave.  When I met with them, I loved them instantly. I love Kristin’s quirky style and their easy way with each other. This was a wedding boiled down to its essentials: two people in love, making it official.

They planned a small wedding (just parents as witnesses) at the Art Gallery of Alberta, and we spent time prior to the wedding with a tea ceremony at Dave’s parents’ house, and photos around the Art Gallery.

Tea ceremony wedding photos

Tea ceremony wedding photos

While we were taking photos, one of the Art Gallery employees came up the stairs, and by the look on his face I thought that we were in trouble, or shooting somewhere we shouldn’t (even though we’ve worked in the Art Gallery many times before).  He just looked utterly confused.  I soon realized that he was a dear friend of Kristin & Dave’s, and had unwittingly stumbled across their elopement! He had no idea! It was really cool to watch the realization dawn across his face. (Thanks to Kristin’s mom for ducking out of the way for this shot).

Art gallery wedding photos

Art Gallery of Alberta wedding photos

Edmonton wedding photographer

Art Gallery wedding photos

Thanks to my awesome second shooter Christina for this sweet shot.

Edmonton wedding photographers

Art gallery of Alberta wedding photos

Kristin recently lost her dad, but he was still at the wedding – instead of a bouquet, Kristin carried her dad with her on her wedding day.

incorporating parent who has passed into wedding ceremony

Love love love.  I adore Kristin’s dress, sweater, shoes, her whole ensemble.

red wedding shoes

Dave had a custom suit made for the wedding.

edmonton wedding photographers

The best part – even after having spent the morning together, these two were still emotional as they said their vows.

Art gallery of alberta wedding ceremony

edmonton art gallery wedding ceremony

This gives you an idea of just how intimate the wedding was. The room at the Art Gallery was airy and bright.

edmonton art gallery wedding ceremony

We squeezed in a few last shots while the twilight was descending on downtown Edmonton. What’s really cool about the photo below is that you can see the room where Kristin & Dave said their vows just minutes before in the upper right corner.  Our warm congratulations to Kristin & Dave, this was an awesome wedding to be a part of, and we wish you much happiness in your married life!

Edmonton Art Gallery of Alberta wedding

Comments (7)

  1. Courtney 6 years ago

    Ah! Everything about this post is perfect! Absolutely love both of their wedding day style and the sweetness you photographed so well! Beautiful!

  2. Dianne Phillips 6 years ago

    The love, the joy, the happiness between Kristin and Dave is loudly evident in each picture. Kristin looks radiant. Wishing Kristin and Dave a life of love, good health and happiness.

  3. Ellen 6 years ago

    What a beautiful day! This captured their style and personalities perfectly……so happy for them and wishing a life of happiness together!

  4. I love the colors of the last picture!!!

  5. Rose Tustian 6 years ago

    Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. ~Michael Leunig
    Welcome to our family Dave!! <3

  6. Kristin 6 years ago

    Haley and Christina, again thank you SO much for doing such an amazing job! The photos are stunning and considering we were not the easiest “models” to work with the shots really do capture all the emotions of the day perfectly. Thank you for being so wonderful!!


  7. Toni Williams 6 years ago

    Kristin and Dave,
    I so enjoyed seeing these beautiful shots. They made me cry. My favorite was the close up from the forehead angle. The simplicity of the colours and the intimasy captured left me at a loss for words.Kristin, you have always shown such love and passion and enjoyment in your face. Your wedding day seems like it was very magical. May you both always enjoy your love and may it take you to wonderful places in life. Love to you, Toni

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