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Nicolette – A Graduation and a Birthday

Nicolette – A Graduation and a Birthday
July 12, 2011 Haley Shandro

Every once in a while a photographer will have a shoot that is just perfect. You have a great connection with the client, flowing inspiration, beautiful weather and location, and everything just falls into place. That’s how Nicolette’s session went, and I walked away from it with such a high. The images aren’t elaborate or cutting edge, and they don’t need to be. She loves them and that’s what matters most.

Nicolette’s little guy came along to help her celebrate her graduation.

Coincidentally, someone just had a birthday….and what’s a birthday without cake? I figured I could win him over with a cupcake. It turns out he liked me anyway, but the cupcake didn’t hurt!

Thank you Nicolette, I had a great time with you and your family! Nothing like a good cake smash!

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