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Angela & Aritra – Two Weddings, One Love

Angela & Aritra – Two Weddings, One Love
July 12, 2011 Haley Shandro

Angela & Aritra love each other so much they got married twice! First, a small wedding at the Devonian Gardens just outside Edmonton, and secondly a Bengali-Hindu wedding in Calgary. Thanks to our second shooter Wil for working with Michael for both events.

The plan was for Angela & Aritra to be married outdoors at the beautiful Devonian Gardens. Mother Nature had other plans, and instead they moved everything inside the Japanese Pavilion. It was a beautiful place for the couple to get ready prior to the ceremony.

Yes, these two make a gorgeous couple! Angela & Aritra are both body builders, and Angela is also a model and photographer. Michael found it very enjoyable to work with a couple who poses so naturally.

It was really important to Angela that she have photos in the gardens so Michael made it work even though it was POURING.

Their Edmonton reception was held at…can you guess?

The Moose Factory!

Fast forward one week and everyone re-connected in Calgary for the Hindu ceremony (and big party afterwards!)

I love this shot of Wil’s:

The sindoor is applied with Aritra’s wedding ring.

Wedding, or a still from a Bollywood movie?

Angela had to guess which one in the lineup was Aritra.

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  1. stephscade 7 years ago

    love those some of those up close images ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Trevor 7 years ago

    You always have the most colourful weddings but I really love your black and whites.

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