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Denise & Daniel – Em-Te Town Wedding

Denise & Daniel – Em-Te Town Wedding
July 9, 2014 Haley Shandro

Before Michael met Denise & Daniel he had never heard of Em-Te Town, it’s a western town near Alder Flats, and the perfect location for a rustic wedding.  Michael and second shooter Ken went camping for this wedding!

Daniel is a bit of a jokester, and Denise is an absolute sweetheart.  After Michael and Ken set up the tent and BBQed their steaks, they were invited to the family’s campfire. There, the mother of the groom was tossing out Jell-O shooters and passing around moonshine (some of which might have ended up being consumed by them). The mothers made a very dynamic duo!  Michael and Ken had a lot of fun hanging out with family and guests.

Here’s Casa Shandro for the weekend!

Em-Te Town wedding

mother of the bride groom

camping wedding

em-te town wedding

wedding cowboy boots

country wedding

em-te town wedding

There’s nothing quite like a big Alberta Sky.

emte town wedding

Post-ceremony drinks with the parents!

cool parents

wedding shots

rustic wedding

peony wedding bouquet

tilt shift wedding photos

And the award for best hair goes to……


rustic wedding

country wedding

country wedding

rustic country wedding

edmonton wedding photographer

dreadlocks groom

rustic wedding

Behind the scenes with Michael & Ken:

Shandro Photo

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