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Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo and High Culture

Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo and High Culture
January 14, 2013 Haley Shandro

{The Fashionable Groom}

Author: Haley Shandro

The bridal gown is often the focus of the wedding style – the right gown can set the tone for the wedding.  But what about the groom? It’s important for every groom to choose attire with the right style and fit to match his partner, and help him look dapper on his wedding day. Today we’re exploring the options of rentals vs. purchasing a suit.


One of our grooms opted for a custom suit for their wedding.  Here is Shauna’s perspective on why Troy bought a suit from Henry Singer instead of renting.

Groom suit from Hengry Singer Prada

“We talked about a rental but neither of us really thought we’d get the right suit to rent for the day.  Troy doesn’t wear full suits to work but he will on occasion wear pieces of the one he’s purchased (the shirt, pants).  We also thought it would be nice to bring the pants on the honeymoon for some dressier dinners we’d be going to, so really it was a balance between getting the polished look Troy wanted that we didn’t know a if a rental could provide, versatility post wedding and really wanting to give Troy the opportunity to wear something unique/special on the day too – why should brides have all the fun!  It worked for us, in fact he left this morning in his suit pants.”


We asked a few of our couples about their experiences with one of the popular rental companies in Edmonton: Derks Formals.  The questions we asked were:

– why did you choose rental instead of purchase?

– why did you choose Derks in particular?

– were you happy with the choices offered – ie were they standard, were you looking for something different

– how was the service?

– anything else you want to mention?

Derks formals

Laura & Joe:

“For us the big reason we picked rentals over purchasing is price. For 150 – 200 you can get the suit you want for a weekend. To spend 500+ to get a really nice tux and accessories to wear it once seemed like a waste of money. Plus what guy wants to permanently own a hot pink vest!

We chose Derks as they actually had suits you can try on. Some places didn’t actually have all the suits to try on. I didn’t like the idea of not being able to try something on until right before the wedding.

I was happy with the choices as they had lots of options for jacket styles. With a few men in the party having the wide broad shoulders but little waists, the regular box cut jackets wouldn’t do. We need slimmer cut jackets and they had that available.

Service was good, I wouldn’t say it was above normal or exceptional, but no complaints either.

Know the specials for groom discounts and such. I think we may have gotten overcharged as I know most places have a book 4 groomsmen or something like that get the groom free. We didn’t get any type of offer like this with ours.”

Groomsen derks formals rentals

Amanda & Foster

“Rentals were the practical option for us. With the groom and his groomsmen all being around 24, none of them could ever afford to purchase everything!

We chose Derks because of their good reputation, it was a no brainer.

They have so many options of styles and colors for those who might want something different than a plain black and while tux.

The service was great. The staff were very attentive and worked hard to make sure we were completely satisfied”

Lethbridge wedding photographer

Joanne & Colin

“Price was definitely a factor in choosing rentals over purchase, and I didn’t think my groomsmen would pay to buy anything pink! We also had some sort of deal from a bridal show or something that we got a discount of some sort. I think we got shoes and maybe something else free and we also got the groom free for having 4 other rentals.

Derks seemed to have good service as well as a good selection for colors. We too were looking for a ‘hot’ pink and the color Derks had seemed to match best with the color we had selected for the bridesmaid dresses. The selections as far as the tuxes went were great too.

Also, they made everything pretty hassle free as far as having all of our groomsmen living out of town and being able to send in measurements as well as us living out of town. Service and follow up was pretty good in that regard and we got an adorable tux for our little ring bearer too”

Groom and Groomsmen Style

Finally, here is some inspiration for you!  Your wedding may have a strong colour theme, and renting a tux may help to accomplish that. What the groomsmen wear is also very important to keep a cohesive theme, match or complement the bridesmaids, and support the look of the bride and groom. Don’t forget cool accessories like funky socks or uniquely themed cufflinks! Here are a few unique looks from our weddings.

Unique groomsmen attire

bow tie groomsmen

orange brown groom tuxedo

destination wedding style

A collaboration between High Culture & Shandro Photo.

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