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Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo & High Culture

Empowering the Modern Bride: A Collaboration Between Shandro Photo & High Culture
February 9, 2012 Haley Shandro

Author: Haley Shandro

Last week, we spoke with a former bride who wanted to lose weight before her wedding; she used the guidance of a certified nutritionist. This week, we’re sharing an interview with nutritionist Charlotte.

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Charlotte Varem-Sanders RD is a local nutritionist who works with brides to help them get in shape. If you are interested in working with her before your wedding, you can reach her at varsan@telus.net, or 780-416-9025.

Is it realistic for brides to reshape their bodies/lose weight before their wedding?
The first thing a bride can do is find out if she needs to reshape her body. Maybe all that is needed is to get information on how to work towards a healthy lifestyle that will last well into the married years. Depending on the situation, if there is weight to be lost and toning to be done that can be done ahead of time, but set something realistic as pre-wedding obligations: shopping for dresses, making all the arrangements etc can be taxing a lead to stress which in turn leads to over consumption of food and alcohol that then makes healthy goals difficult to reach.

How much weight is safe to lose?
1-2 pounds a week if there is more weight to lose, 0.5 to 1 pound a week if there is less. Reshaping by combining activity and healthy eating together will make a difference.

What is the safest way for a bride to get in shape before a wedding?
Combining activity and healthy eating

How can a nutritionist help a bride?
I can provide feedback to what is normal weight and goal expectations, guidance for a healthy eating program and activity

What are the advantages/disadvantages of a nutritionist vs. an online service like weight watchers?
A registered dietician will tailor your meal plan for your activity. We also take into consideration family history of chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart health etc) and recommendations can be incorporated for prevention as well as meet current goals. Some people benefit with online programs – it may be more of a one size fits all

Is there anything else you want to throw in?
A bride and groom need to be on the same page with healthy eating and activity, for long term health as well as being a support person vs. food police. There is SOOOOOOOOO much pressure to lose weight but is it necessary, and is it sustainable? There is no sense in losing 10 pounds for a wedding and then gaining 20 later.

Next week we’re going to bring you an interview with Chad Williams of AnthroPhysique — he’ll share how a personal trainer can benefit a bride-to-be.

A collaboration between High Culture & Shandro Photo.

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