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Woodall Family Photos

Woodall Family Photos
October 8, 2015 Haley Shandro

It’s taken me some time to decide what to say in this blog post.

Many of you will recognize Claire and her boys, her husband Cst. Dan Woodall was recently killed in the line of duty, and a spotlight has been on Claire and her family though this tragedy. She has been through many interviews and functions, and has shown amazing strength throughout everything.

I know Claire is so grateful for the support of Edmontonians¬†and I actually talked with her about sharing these photos and what she would want me to say. I’m in awe of how open she has been and she is an inspiration for a lot of people out there who are dealing with loss and emotional circumstances. Now that some time has passed, she is settling into the next stage of her life, and focusing on a positive¬†fresh start for her and her boys.

Claire and I first met 7 years ago when we were new moms – we were in a group together and chatted about the struggles of new parenthood. She’s such a funny and warm person and I’ve always enjoyed spending time with her. ¬†Fast forward and here we are, each with two young kids in school, and with new challenges on that front!

I feel lucky to have been able to spend some time with Claire and the boys for this shoot – they are so full of energy and unbelievably cute!!

– Haley

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